Our group offers various teaching modules in the bachelor's and master's degree programs in chemistry and chemistry teaching. In the context of current research, we also supervise bachelor's, advanced and master's theses on various topics in our working group.

Our Courses

  • Elective Lecture: Crystallography module 13-111-1351-N 
    see more informations on MOODLE
  • ­Compulsary practical course: Advanced Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry module 13-111-0251-N
    see more informations on MOODLE
  • ­Solid state and organometallic chemistry module 13-111-0241-X AC-III
    solid state chemistry module 13-111-0241-X.VL02
    symmetry and X-ray diffraction module 13-111-0241-X.VS01
  • Crystal Structure Determination module 13-121-1313
  • Fundamentals of Diffraction Methods module 13-121-1314
  • Diffraction methods module 13-123-1321 
  • ­­Inorganic Structural Chemistry module 13-121-0214­
  • Advanced Practical Course in Crystallography in Materials Science module 13-121-1311
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry module 13-121-0211
  • Electron microscopy module 13-121-1321
  • Inorganic structure analysis module 13-121-0212
  • Festkörperchemie Modul 13-231-0281
  • Chemie im Alltag - Fluch oder Segen? Modul 13-SQM-03

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