Here you will find some information about the possibilities for bachelor and master theses and internships in our group.
Get an overview of project outlines on currently available topics, the time frame, possible publications, participation in measurements at large-scale research facilites and internships abroad.

Bachelor theses and research internships (Vertiefungspraktika)

Research internships (so-called "Vertiefungspraktika") and bachelor theses from different areas of solid state chemistry, materials science and crystallography are almost always possible. Possible preparative and analytical topics are diverse, with an interplay of synthesis and structure determination. Such research is a small "own" project of the student and aims at independent work.

Master theses and “Staatsexamensarbeiten”

If you are interested in a Master thesis or "Staatsexamensarbeit" in our group, please contact Oliver Oeckler directly. There are almost no general rules how this can be arranged. Candidates are always welcome and it is usually possible to start with such theses at any time.

Project outlines of currently available topics

Sometimes, we advertise specific topics. This means that PhD students actively search for students. Such topics can be found here when available. Currently, there is no urgent need for such advertisements are we have quite a lot of applications. This does not mean that we are “fully booked”. Of course, you can always contact us or just talk to our PhD students. Sometimes, completely new topics can be invented.

Procedure / Time frame

  • an internship as well as a Bachelor thesis takes about 300 hours, formally divided into 150 hours in presence and the same amount of self-study (a research project takes about 4-6 weeks full time plus the preparation of the report (8-10 weeks if lectures restrict working hours severely))
  • time might be extended over a longer period if students cannot be present every day; yet, the maximum period is 23 weeks
  • working times can be quite flexible and can also be interrupted for vacations or exams, for example
  • agree on a topic in time and start already well prepared
  • internship will not be extended until the desired results have been achieved, the "normal" duration is always aimed at
  • reports on topics that were well planned and carefully analyzed, but unfortunately did not work out, can also be awarded very good grades


Modern research, and this should also include research internships and theses, aims at publishable results. Therefore, theses typically have a publication (or part of a publication) as a goal. However, theses that do not reach this goal can also achieve top grades. Many of our interns have made it to coauthor a paper.

If interns make an important contribution to a publication, they will be included as a co-author. An important contribution is characterized either by overcoming an (experimental or theoretical) obstacle, by creativity, or by devoting a substantial amount of time to the project. This is the case with many motivated students whose work results in a paper. Mere attendance alone or a few approaches under close supervision by the supervisor are not sufficient, however.

Can an intern be the first author? In principle, yes, but then the paper (including the elaboration of the topic) must also largely originate from him. Furthermore, the first author writes the paper. In terms of time, this goes beyond a "normal" internship or a "normal" bachelor thesis. If you are interested, please let us know right at the beginning of the internship. Projects in which others have already invested a lot of time are typically not suitable for such ambitious students.

Large-scale research facilities

We are always looking for interns to travel with us to large-scale research facilities such as synchrotrons and participate in measurements as part of an internship, including the preparation of such measurements and the evaluation of the results. Such measurement periods are very exciting and interesting, but also (for a few days) quite exhausting. These projects of course require advance planning. Please express your interest at least 4 - 6 months in advance!

Internships abroad

We have various contacts to friendly relations to working groups abroad and can arrange internships there. The supervision takes place either by the foreign group with their independent topic or in the context of a collaboration. With regard to funding, we are happy to advise, but cannot provide funding ourselves. Talk to us if you are interested!

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