Lecture preparation is the autonomous island of the faculty and so perhaps truly unique. During the lecture period, our team is mainly responsible for the preparation and follow-up of the lectures, but especially for the demonstration experiments. Over 900 experiments in organics, inorganics and analytics are in our file and have been used for years to support teaching in the basic lectures.

Marika Kandler - Digitalisierung FCM; Film: Der Fetty

Technical equipment

We offer the following technical media as part of your event by arrangement:

  • Projector
  • Microphones
  • Laptop and presenter
  • Mobile camera for experiments
  • Streaming and recording of events

You also have the possibility to borrow the following media from us:

  • Microphones (Plug'n'Go)
  • Green screen set with softboxes
  • Beamer
  • Survey click system
  • Power and transmission cables
  • Presenter
  • Chalk and blackboard wiper
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Foto: Marika Kandler


For the integration of demonstration experiments into your lecture, more than 900 experiments are available in our cardex lists. Please send us your experiment lists at least one week before they are to be carried out in your lecture. To support your teaching in lectures, seminars and tutorials, you can also choose from a series of short films of chemical experiments. You will receive access to these videos on request.

Experiment lists

  • Inorganics I
  • Inorganics II
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Show
  • Digital experiments
enlarge the image: Schauversuch: Zwei Personen gießen Selbstleuchtende Flüssigkeiten in geformte Glasröhren
Experiment on chemiluminescence, Photo: Stephan Eckert

Special equipment

The preparation has a range of special chemicals, gases as well as equipment. You have an exciting idea but don't have the necessary equipment on site? Then it's worth taking a look at what we have to offer. We will be happy to advise and support you in realising your plans.

The following equipment can be borrowed from us by prior arrangement:

  • Special gases: CO2, He, NO2, Cl2, SO2, H2S
  • Gas valves of all kinds
  • Electrode material and power supply
  • Digital thermometers and pH electrodes
  • Indicators
  • Smell samples
  • Crystal models and Bravis lattice models
  • Historical apparatus: Döbereiner lighter, steam distillation, inert gas tubes...
  • Sight glasses of numerous elements and interesting compounds (e.g. aerogel, illuminants...)
enlarge the image: Abgedunkelter Chemiehörsaal, Glasgeräte auf dem Pult, Rot und Grün leuchtende Abzüge
Demonstration experiment in the chemistry lecture hall, photo: Dieter Sicker

Special events

We support you at:

  • Institute Colloquia of the GDCh
  • Science Slam of the FSR Chemistry and Mineralogy
  • Colloquia of the JCF Leipzig
  • Carnival Lecture of the Elferrat of Chemistry and Mineralogy
  • Christmas Lecture
  • Long Night of Science
enlarge the image: Gut gefüllter Hörsaal, Ansager im Laborkittel, Hinweis "Eintritt auf eigene Gefahr" in großer Schrift
Foto: Bernhard Weiß


For the defence of your dissertation, we will gladly instruct you in the technical conditions on site. You can also borrow the necessary media from us, such as a laptop, presenter or microphones.

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