You have successfully completed your studies and would now like to start your scientific career? The Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy offers excellent conditions for this. On this page you will find all the information you need.

Current announcements

In accordance with paragraph 14, section 1 of the doctoral regulations, the display is indicated in the following doctoral procedures:

Many chemists pursue a doctorate after graduation. The doctorate can be completed as an individual doctorate or also within the framework of a structured doctoral programme. The central service institution for the promotion of young scientists at the University of Leipzig is the Graduate Academy Leipzig. All doctoral researchers and early postdocs at Leipzig University can become members under certain conditions. This gives you full access to our services and allows you to apply for financial support.

The following interdisciplinary doctoral programmes are based at the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy:

Integrated Research Training Group "HYP*MOL"

Research Training Group "Hydrogen Isotopes 1,2,3H".

Leipzig School of Natural Sciences - Building with Molecules and Nano-objects (BuildMoNa)

Admission to the doctoral list

From 1 December 2023, admission to the doctoral candidate list will take place exclusively via the web portal of the Doctoral and Postdoctoral Administration System (DPVS). After registering, you will be guided through the process. The application form generated at the end must be completed, signed and submitted to the Dean's Council.

Valid until 30.11.2023:

To be included in the list of doctoral candidates, please submit the application for admission in the list of doctoral candidates to the Dean's Office.

The entry in the list of doctoral candidates expires four years after admission if you do not apply in advance for an extension of your stay on the list of doctoral candidates. To do so, submit the application for re-admission on the list of doctoral candidates to the Dean's Office.

Initiation of the doctoral procedure

The documents for the initiation of the doctoral procedure must be submitted in full approximately two weeks before the meeting dates of the Faculty Council. Therefore, please arrange an appointment with the Dekanatsrat well in advance. For questions regarding the documents, please also contact the Dekanatsrat.

After the initiation of the procedure by the Faculty Council, the dissertation copies to be reviewed are usually sent to the reviewers by post within one week. The reviews should be prepared within four weeks.

Displays and Acceptance

After receipt of the reviews, the display is indicated. Every university teacher and post-doctoral lecturer of the faculty has the right to submit his or her vote for or against the acceptance of the dissertation in written form to the chairperson of the doctoral committee and to justify it until one week after receipt of all expert opinions. The members of the doctoral committee, all professors of the faculty as well as the applicant have the right to inspect the expert opinions including the proposed grades while preserving the anonymity of the reviewers.


The defence takes place after the dissertation has been accepted. The candidate shall be informed of the date at least two weeks before the defence and the chairperson of the doctoral committee shall announce it to the university two weeks before the date. As a rule, the date should be within a period of six weeks after acceptance of the dissertation. To arrange the date, the candidates shall contact the chairperson of the doctoral committee after receipt of the expert opinions.

The defence shall be held in public in German or English. The candidate shall publicly present the results achieved with the dissertation in a lecture of approx. 30 minutes. Subsequently, questions from the auditorium are to be answered. The discussion should relate to the dissertation and its scientific environment and should not exceed 60 minutes.

Completion of the procedure and award of the doctoral degree

The decision on the award of the doctoral degree is usually taken at the next meeting of the Faculty Council after the defence. The day of the defence shall be deemed the day of conferral.

The accepted dissertation shall be published by duplication and free transfer of the specified number of copies to the University Library (UB) (please see the checklist here). If applicable, a sheet explaining the errors contained in the dissertation (errata sheet) shall be included in the deposit copies. The deposit copies shall be handed over to the UB within six months after the announcement of the award decision. The deadline for delivery may be extended by the doctoral commission by a further three months upon justified application. The certificate of delivery from the UB is to be sent to the Dean's Office without delay.

In addition, the declaration of delivery of all materials is to be submitted to the Dean's Office.

The completion of the doctoral certificate takes approximately six weeks after the termination of the procedure by the Faculty Council. Candidates will be informed as soon as the certificate is ready for pick up. With the handing over of the doctoral certificate, the doctorate is completed; the candidate receives the right to use the doctoral degree.

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