About 85 to 95% of all chemisty graduates continue their academic careers as doctoral candidates.

For optaining a doctoral degree, graduates can choose between independently seeking a doctoral degree or pursuing a doctoral project within a structured doctoral program. The umbrella organization for structured doctoral programmes at Leipzig University is called Research Academy Leipzig.

At the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy the following interdisciplinary doctoral programs are available:

Leipzig School of Natural Sciences – Building with Molecules and Nano-objects (BuildMoNa)

Applied and Theoretical Molecular Electrochemistry as the Key to New Technologies for Energy Conversion and Storage (ESF)

Tools and Technologies for Rational Drug Development (ESF)

Function through Self-assembly: Emerging Properties of Atom and Molecular Aggregates (ESF)

List of Doctoral Candidates

To become a doctoral candidate at our Faculty, you need to submit a request to Marco Weiß. Please use the form "Antrag zur Aufnahme in die Doktorandenliste". Mr. Weiß' contact details and the form are provided in the column to the right.

If you need more time to finish your thesis than has been agreed, you need to send an informal letter Marco Weiß. Your prolongation must be approved by your superviser.


Two weeks prior to submitting your dissertation, please contact Marco Weiß for an appointment to discuss your defense date and necessary formal steps (contact details are given in the column to the right).

last modified: 16.12.2020