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The 35th German Zeolite Conference 2024 took place from February 28th to March 1st in the lecture hall center of the campus of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Organized by DECHEMA e.V., the 35th DZT is jointly hosted by the Chair of Chemistry of Materials for Energy Applications, the Chair of Glass Chemistry and Fraunhofer IKTS with the participation of the DECHEMA Zeolites Group.

Regarding our scientific contributions, Tobias Beger gave an inspiring talk on "CO2 Adsorption on Nanoporous Silica Loaded with Polyethylene Imine".

We also had the opportunity to present the following posters:

  • Alejandro Mollá Robles: "Effect of Mesopores on the Activity of Cu-Containing Zeolite ZSM-5 with Different n(Si)/n(Al)-Ratio in NH3-SCR-DeNOx"
  • Konstanstin Marcinowski: "Preparation of Cu-Exchanged Zeolites for Hydrogen Isotope Separation"
  • Muhammad Wakeel Shakil: "Preparative Chromatography of Sugars over Monodispersed Spherical Zeolite Y Pellets"
  • Patricia Seidel: "IR Microimaging of Two-Component Diffusion in Large Crystals of Zeolite ZSM-5"
  • Rujito S.R. Suharbiansah: "Enhanced NH3-SCR-DeNOx Activity of Cu-Containing Zeolite Y Prepared with 15-Crown-5"

The German Zeolite Conference is often the ideal introduction for young scientists to present their work to a broad audience, often for the first time in the form of a scientific lecture. This congress served as a meeting point for a large number of researchers in the field of zeolites, metal organic frameworks. In addition to novel syntheses and characterizations of such materials, their application in the fields of catalysis, adsorption, energy storage and membranes was also discussed. The special architecture of the city of Jena provided a special ambience and invited participants to explore the city in their free time.