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Die Organisation der Gordon Research Conference 2022 "Molecular and Ionic Clusters" vom 23-28. Januar 2022 in Il Chiocco, Italien, läuft auf Hochtouren.

Molecular and Ionic Clusters: Frontiers in Size-Selected Cluster Research

The Gordon Research Conference on Molecular and Ionic Clusters brings together international experts working the interdisciplinary field of cluster science. It is aimed at a wide range of experimental and theoretical scientists studying the structure, reactivity and dynamics of isolated aggregates of a few atoms or molecule up to larger nanoparticles and droplets. These systems present a unique form of matter, intermediate between isolated molecules and bulk matter, which are characterized by a high surface-to-volume ratio, pronounced quantum effects and/or properties that lie in the non-scalable regime. They represent ideal model systems for studying fundamental processes relevant in catalysis, the properties of water and ion solvation, atmospheric as well as biophysical chemistry, material science, astrophysics and chiral recognition at the molecular level. The conference will also highlight the development of new experimental and theoretical methodologies, in particular those that are related to the development of advanced radiation sources.

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