These other projects in this working group also work on the enzymatic degradation of PET


enlarge the image: Enzycle Schema
Microbial ENZymes for treatment of non-recYCLEd plastic fractions

Goal: ENZYCLE’ overall objective is to valorise and upgrading non-recycled plastic fractions through enzymatic processes to obtain high value-added products. Additionally, ENZYCLE will deal with the problem with microplastics and their impact.



enlarge the image: MIPLACE Darstellung
Microbial Integration of PLAstics in the Circular Economy

Goal: MIPLACE is a multidisciplinary project that aims to transform difficult-to-degrade plastics into molecules of industrial interest. For this purpose, MIPLACE will engineer microbial communities to make them degrade plastic waste (PET and PU) and use it as feedstock to transform it into high value-added molecules. These resulting substances will be used to produce an easily degradable material of commercial interest: bio-PU.

MIPLACE has a strong focus on sustainability, as it will deliver a novel biotechnological approach to manage the recycling of a material that would have ended up as waste otherwise.


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