Positions in the Junior Research Group.

Doctoral student

Currently there are no open positions.

Bachelor & Master thesis and intense research courses

Research projects (Bachelor/Master thesis and extended lab courses) on the topic of molecular ion deposition (ion soft-landing) can be carried out at our apparatus at the University of Leipzig or in the soft-landing laboratory at the IOM, which we supervise. Furthermore, work in the field of mass spectrometry on the chemistry of fragment ions can be carried out. We work closely with the mass spectrometry department of Dr. Claudia Birkemeyer and her staff. Gas phase spectroscopic investigations of fragment ions can be carried out in cooperation with the Asmis working group. We also offer supervision for the application of quantum chemistry programs to carry out theoretical investigations accompanying the experiments.

Bring your own fellowship

J.Warneke was funded by the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and will be happy to act as a host for Humboldt fellows who come to Leipzig. Students, doctoral students and postdocs with good chances to obtain a fellowship can rely on comprehensive support during the design and writing of the application. If you have interest in this option, please contact us early on.

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