Advanced Spectroscopy and Chemistry

At a glance

  • Field of study

    natural and earth science
  • Degree type

  • Degree

    Master of Science
  • Language of instruction

  • Full/part-time

    full-time, part-time
  • Course start

    winter semester
  • Admission restriction

    without admission restriction
  • Standard period of study

    four semesters

  • ECTS credits



  • A first academic degree, or a degree from a state or state-recognised university of cooperative education, in chemistry or in another natural science or engineering subject with a comparable proportion of chemistry-related content;

  • knowledge of English at B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The faculty will check whether the above requirements have been met and then issue an official notification. This serves as proof that the candidate meets the relevant admission requirements.


The programme was developed by a consortium of five universities (Bologna, Helsinki, Krakow, Leipzig, Lille) and is carried out with these international partners. The language of instruction and examination is English.

The aim of the degree course is to impart broad, practically relevant knowledge appropriate to chemistry as a natural science, and in turn enable graduates to work in a variety of areas, such as:

  • in industry, in particular in branches of chemistry, but also in the physics industry, optics, medical technology, scientific instrument construction
  • in non-university research institutions and in state institutions
  • research and teaching as a chemist at universities and other higher education institutions.

In particular, the aim is to enable students to cope in new professional fields, which are often of an interdisciplinary nature. They must be able to think and work independently as scientists and successfully tackle and solve novel problems in various scientific and technical fields.

The programme consists of a compulsory area (30 credits), a compulsory elective area (60 credits) and the master’s thesis in the fourth semester (30 credits). The language of instruction is English. Special emphasis is placed on subject-specific English language skills. All students commence their studies in Lille.

The research-oriented programme is structured as follows:

  • In the first semester, students take six compulsory modules, worth a total of 30 credits, from the range of modules offered by Lille University of Science and Technology.
  • In the second semester, students take the compulsory module on “Synchrotron radiation and its applications”, worth five credits.
  • They also choose nine compulsory elective modules, worth five credits each, and one compulsory elective internship module worth ten credits.
  • The master’s thesis, worth 30 credits, follows in the fourth semester of study.

Graduates work in the following and other roles:

  • application chemist at spectrometer companies (infrared, UV, nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray crystallography)
  • scientific instrument construction, optics and medical technology.

A period abroad of at least one semester is compulsory. All students commence their studies in Lille.

After the first semester, it is mandatory for students to study abroad at the partner institutions mentioned above. The following mobility options are available:

  • a single change after two semesters in Lille;
  • change to Leipzig in the second semester, with the option of changing again afterwards. In any case, at least 30 credits must be completed per place of study.
  • The master’s thesis can be written at any of the five universities, with a joint master’s degree awarded accordingly.


More information is available on the master’s programme website.

International students can find information about application periods and how to apply here.

More information is available on the master’s programme website.

International students can find information about application periods and how to apply here.


One semester of study at a foreign partner university

Compulsory curriculum in English

Award of a double degree with an international partner university