On this page you will find information about module registration and timetbles for the summer semester 2023.

Timetables for the summer semester 2023

In the summer semester 2023 classes at Leipzig University will be held fac-to-face on campus.

Please note that the module offer as well as individual lecture details may still change. In this case, the timetables will be updated on this website. For one-time cancellations or re-scheduling of lecture dates, please refer to the announcements or messages of the lecturers.

Please refer to the information provided by the teachers after the end of module registration for further details on how individual classes will be delivered.

Helpful: In order to make sure you are seeing the most current version of your timetable, please download the file or refresh your browser (the current PDF files where uploaded on 23.03.2023)


  • New: module registration already starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Monday.
  • Leave of absence of Prof. Dr. Hey-Hawkins in summer semester 2023 and subsequent retirement from winter semester 2023/24

Module Registration


  • 21 March 2023 12:00noon – 27 March 2023, 5pm

Please register for your modules online at TOOL.

After 10 April 2023 late-registration will not be possible.

Module Registration

When you register for a module you automatically sign up for the module examination. Only with a module registration you are admitted to take the module exam.

Module registration is a prerequisite for participation in classes. This is the only way you will receive important notifications from the lecturers and have access to the digitally provided materials of your modules.

If you registered for a module in past semesters and did not finish it, you cannot sign up for it again. You will automatically be registered for the next exam tries in that module.

As of 31 March 2023, your booked modules will be listed in AlmaWeb.

If you have any questions regarding module registration, you can use our contact form below.

Module registration for laboratory courses (10 cp) - master programmes

Register for laboratory courses electronically via the form "Gelber Schein" at the Office of Study Affairs. Please send the completed "Gelber Schein" (subject, module number, date, signatures) to studienbuero[at]chemie.uni-leipzig.de. Detailed information on how to register for an immersion internship can be found under the link to "Qualification Theses".

Deregistering from Modules

Regarding the modules they registered for in the summer semester 2022, students will have the opportunity to deregister from modules incl. their exams electronically in AlmaWeb until 15 June 2023.

Queries about module registration