The Corona pandemic presents many unique challenges for teaching staff and students alike.
On this page you will find up-to-date information about digital semesters and Corona precautions for students.

Current Information for students

The summer semester 2022 will again be an attendance semester. We are looking forward to seeing you! Please refer to the INFORMATION sent out by the Rector Professor Beate Schücking.

The page will be updated regularly, last time on May 27, 2022.

Corona test certificate for courses on campus

Dear students,

the 3G rule for on-campus courses has been eliminated for the most part. However, the faculty has determined for practical courses that the testing requirement should continue to be valid for all students, since the minimum distance is mostly not maintained here and a mask cannot be worn in most practical courses either. Please provide proof of a certificate from an official test center of the city of Leipzig or use the test centers of the university. A test retains validity for only 24 hours.

Stay healthy!

Prompt help with study matters

The study office will remain open! If you are not able to step by, please call our staff of the Office of Student Affairs during telephone contact hours:

Tuesday  9:00­­ – 12:00 Uhr
Thursday 13:00 – 15:00 Uhr


Do you have problems in the course of your studies?

In the context of the Covid19 pandemic, exceptions have been made with regard to examinations and the course of studies at UL for the summer semester 2020, for the winter semester 2020/2021, and for the summer semester 2021. This concerns, for example, failed examinations, crediting of semesters and enrollment in the master's program.

  •  Cancellation of failed exams: Failed exam attempts will no longer be cancelled across the board and recorded as a withdrawal in AlmaWeb. In order to avoid undue hardship, in WiSe 2021/22 (until March 31, 2022) the cancellation of failed examinations and Prüfungsvorleistungen with module registrations from SoSe 2020, WiSe 2020/21 and SoSe 2021 are now only made in specific cases. If there ary any problems with regard to repeat deadlines, please contact the office of study affairs.
  •  If you have problems with your preparation during the examination period, if you have difficulties in catching up on the exam material due to e.g. a longer period of illness or quarantine or similar, please contact the staff of the office of study advice in good time.

Please keep yourself constantly up to date about the current exam dates. Furthermore, please pay attention to the announcements of the lecturers!

According to the current Corona Protection Ordinance and Hygiene Protection Concept of the UL, examinations are still possible in presence.

The "Manteländerungssatzung" for the study programs of the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy are currently not valid. Nevertheless, you will soon find the 2nd Amendment Statutes of the Manteländerungs Satzung under the Official Announcements of the UL or here for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs and the teacher training programs.

Examination results that have not been passed will no longer be automatically cancelled in the winter semester 2021/22 and summer term 2022.

Students will have the opportunity to deregister from modules or exams electronically in AlmaWeb in the summer term 2022 until June 18, 2022 (module registration and deregistration = exam registration and deregistration).


Qualification theses (bachelor and master theses, choice-obligatory practical courses) can be started or further worked-on and completed in consultation with the respective university teacher.
The application for theses can be made by naming the supervising Professor and sending an email to Mrs. Büttner (studienbuero[at] Please note that you should only use your student's e-mail address for this purpose.
After positive examination of the requirements for the application, the "green sheet" will be forwarded to you. This should be filled out and sent back to Ms. Büttner by e-mail.
The "yellow sheet" for application for choice-obligatory practical courses is available here. After signing it, please also send it to the Office of Study Affairs so that your registration and later your grade can be recorded.
Bachelor's and Master's theses (not research practical courses) should be submitted in electronic form (PDF document) to the study office (studienbuero[at] and equally sent to the reviewers.
The submission in bound form is currently not necessary! However, if one of your reviewers would like a bound copy, please make an appointment with the study office for submission.
Please arrange the date for the defense (colloquium) with your supervisor and be sure to inform us of the date, time and room.
Colloquia may take place in presence (max. 5 people)). Online defenses/colloquia are no longer permitted. Only in very special exceptional circumstances so that no delays are created in the completion of studies during quarantine periods, for example. The first reviewer will take minutes of the colloquium and note the candidate's confirmation that he/she is physically able to undergo the colloquium. Since the "Manteländerungssatzungen" are not in effect during the winter semester, it is necessary to have the student complete the Data Protection Statement and Consent Form.

Extension: No more corona-related extensions are possible! The extension attempts are again to be sent to the chairman of the board of examination according to the examination regulations with a statement of the supervisor. Please send the informal applications in electronic form to the office of study advice.

It may look like this again - students in a lecture, Foto: Christian Hüller / Universität Leipzig, SUK
It may look like this again - students in a lecture, Foto: Christian Hüller / Universität Leipzig, SUK

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