Registering for Modules // Winter Semester 2020/21


Start: 07.10.2020 (12.00 noon)

End: 15.10.2020 (5.00 pm)



After 21.10.2020 module registrations will not be possible.

Registering for a module:   

= Registration for the module exam. Only by virtue of being registered to a module, students can are allowed to take their module's exam.

= pre-condition for attending online teaching. Being registered to your modules, ensures that you receive the lecturers' notifications and gives you access to electronic material provided for your modules.

Your booked modules will be listed in AlmaWeb from 19.10.2020.

If you wish to register for a research practical course (M.Sc. programmes), please submit the form titled “yellow sheet“ to the Office of Study Affairs

De-registrating from modules:    

Deadline: 09.01.2021 (12.59 pm) online in AlmaWeb.

= signing out from the module's exam

Timetables // Winter Semester 2020/21

The timetables for the winter semester are currently been set up. They will be published here by mid September.

Timetables // Summer Semester 2020

Please finde below the timetables containing the modules provided by the Faculty of Chemistry & Mineralogy. Details such as location and time for regular courses are subject to change. These changes will be made public in the timetables on this web page. It is best to use these timetables rather than AlmaWeb to stay informed about changes. Please also note announcements made by the lectureres or by notices.

Did you know?: You can look up module descriptions on the web page of your study programme (study/exam regulations, module descriptions).

Programmes taught in English

Announcements for specific modules

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