Registering for Modules // Winter Semester 2020/21


Start: 07.10.2020 (12.00 noon)

End: 14.10.2020 (5.00 pm)



After 21.10.2020 module registrations will not be possible.

Registering for a module:   

= Registration for the module exam. Only by virtue of being registered to a module, students can are allowed to take their module's exam.

= pre-condition for attending classes. Being registered to your modules, ensures that you receive the lecturers' notifications and gives you access to electronic material provided for your modules.

New: some modules will have a limited number of places (cf. Tool); places are allocated on a first-come-first-served-basis

Your booked modules will be listed in AlmaWeb from 19.10.2020.

If you wish to register for a research practical course (M.Sc. programmes), please submit the form titled “yellow sheet“ to the Office of Study Affairs

De-registrating from modules:    

Deadline: 09.01.2021 (12.59 pm) online in AlmaWeb.

= signing out from the module's exam

Timetables // Winter Semester 2020/21

Programmes taught in English

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Office of Study Affairs at the Faculty of Chemistry und Mineralogy

Annegret Cornehl de Paredes

Room 130

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