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04.11.2019 at 5 pm in Room 014

Study Abroad
Exchange programmes and funding options 2020/21

An informative talk with Jane Moros/ International Centre & Prof. Dr. Reinhard Denecke/ Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator

Comprehensive consultation

You have the option of spending part of your study time abroad. For this purpose, our faculty provides subject related exchanges, pre-dominantly through the Erasmus+ program (Europe). Furthermore, there is a breadth of other programs and exchanges available to you, which the International Centre will happily consult on.

In any case you should start informing yourself as early as possible to have more options available to you. It is therefore advised to start considering your options at least one year before your study period abroad.

Comprehensive initial consultation on studying abroad:
Janes Moros & Friederike Fuchs
International Centre

Details and contact

ERASMUS+ (Europe)

Erasmus+ (Europe) is an exchange program that promotes study and internships at other European universities and facilities providing internships.

Erasmus+ Internship

  • Support of self-organized internships for the duration of 2-12 months
  • Credits may be transferred to your study programme at Leipzig University
  • application for funding possible up to 1 month before the internship


Janes Moros & Friederike Fuchs
International Centre

Details and contact

Erasmus+ Study Period Abroad

  • Support of studies abroad for the duration of 3-12 months at a partner university (includes waiving of study fees)
  • Credits may be transferred to your study programme at Leipzig University
  • open Erasmus+ places of the Faculty for Chemistry and Mineralogy can be found in the Complex Information-System for Students – KISS


Annegret Cornehl de Paredes
Office of Study Affairs

Details and contact

Using Erasmus+ for several trips abroad:

  • Allotment of 12 months of studies abroad per course of studies (Bachelor/Master)
  • Additional 12 months during the completion of your doctorate
  • The allotment can be individually split between Erasmus+ internships and studies,
    e.g. for studying one semester each at two different partner universities OR studying for one semester at a partner university and completing a 6 month internship in the same/different country

Applications for Erasmus+ studies (Europe)

To apply for an Erasmus+ place of study at a partner university, please submit the application paperwork listed below.

Erasmus+ places of study:

Selection criteria:

  • Proficiency in the language of instruction at the level specified by the partner university (consult the KISS-data base)
  • grade point average (GPA)
  • advancement in your course of studies; your stay abroad should fit within your study progress and should not unduly extend your studies

Application deadline: 15th January 2020

A full application must include:

  • Application form
  • Transcript of Records
  • Overview of exams passed (if not part of the Transcript of Records)
  • Language certificate, if the required language is other than English
  • Written statement
    The statement is part of your full application. It is meant to help you consider crucial points at the very beginning of your endeavor. Please elaborate shortly on the following points using half to 3/4 of a DinA4-piece of paper bearing the date and your signature: which classes do you plan to take at the host University of your first choice; how do you intend to have your study period abroad recognized for your studies at Leipzig University; is the study period abroad likely to prolong/ to not prolong your studies at Leipzig University.

Please submit your application paperwork in full via mail and in person to:

Annegret Cornehl de Paredes
Office of Study Affairs
Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy
Johannisallee 29, Room 131, 04103 Leipzig


Steps if you receive an Erasmus+ place of study:

  • Nomination to the partner university through the Office of Study Affairs of the Faculty
  • You will need to apply to the partner university.
  • You will need to apply for Erasmus+ aid through the International Centre (no later than 3 months before leaving)
  • No later than 3 weeks before your departure, please make an appointment with the Erasmus+ subject coordinator Prof. Dr. Reinhard Denecke (through the Office of Study Affairs) to receive credit for your studies abroad.
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Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Denecke

Office of Study Affairs

Mrs Annegret Cornehl de Paredes

Room 130
Johannisallee 29
04103 Leipzig