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Information about the start of the semester - April 3, 2020

During the day, there was some confusion in the media about the starting date of the semester at the universities. At Saxony's universities, including Leipzig University, the lecture period will begin as planned on Monday, April 6, 2020 - in digital formats, of course.

Information on Study Start Summer Semester 2020

  1. Module enrolment shall take place as scheduled i.e. from 25.03.2020 at 12:00 noon until 01.04.2020 at 17:00 hrs via TOOL. Please be aware that some of the choice-obligatory modules with a low number of participants might not be offered during the summer semester 2020. Please stay informed, as changes might take place at short notice. If a module you have chosen should not be offered, you will have the possibility to sign up for an alternative module at the Office of Study Affairs.
  2. The semester is going to start as planned on 06.04.2020. Furthermore, the management of the University of Leipzig assumes that teaching will most probably take place in a virtual form and without attendance until 04.05.2020. For this reason, the Office of Study Affairs will provide the lecturers with a list of participants of all modules after the registration period has ended. Lecturers are requested to use 'Moodle' for the digital start of the semester. Furthermore, the Computer Centre of the University of Leipzig (URZ) has created a chat server, in which lecturers and students will be able to exchange information about the content of courses and lectures. Furthermore, consultation with each other will also be possible via this chat server. Courses and exams are going to be modified in such a way that students are not going to have any disadvantages due to extended study periods. We kindly ask you to please check your university mailboxes on a daily basis to ensure a smooth course of studies! In case of lecturers streaming their course/lecture via video conference, the lectures may take place at the same time as noted on the timetable.
  3. The following new regulation refers to final theses (BSc and MSc theses) and choice obligatory practical courses: submission is going to be accepted with a maximum delay of one month. However, the submission deadline indicated on the green- and yellow sheet is not going to be changed. Nonetheless, students must contact the Office of Study Affairs if submission is going to be delayed.
  4. BSc and MSc theses have to be submitted electronically (as PDF) to the Office of Study Affairs. The theses are then going to be forwarded electronically to the reviewers. Accordingly, protocols of the choice obligatory practical courses have to be sent electronically to the respective supervisor. Until face to face teaching starts again the same rules and regulations also apply to colloquia. This was also already mentioned under the point "Information on the Course of Studies - Status March 19, 2020".
  5. Due to the current situation (curfew, minimum operation of the University) final theses and choice obligatory practical courses that require personal attendance should not be started or continued as planned. Due to the unlikely situation that experimental work is going to be possible during the upcoming weeks, the following applies as far as possible: It will be possible to carry out final theses and choice obligatory practical courses without actual presence in the laboratory, e.g. in form of literature work or as evaluation of data that is already available. The laboratory protocol can be supplemented by an extended introduction. This could be based on literature research. In any case an extension of the study period should be avoided.
  6. It is recommended, instead of doing the first or second choice obligatory practical course in the summer semester 2020, to take modules with the same scope of credits which can be done in a virtual format; In return, lecture modules should be replaced with choice obligatory practical courses in the following winter semester. In order not to extend the study duration it is possible, in the case of the third choice obligatory practical course, to replace the experimental work with literature research comprising a corresponding workload.
  7. Compulsory practical courses in the summer semester 2020 (according to the study schedule) may be shortened but are still going to be offered during the semester (1.4.-30.9.2020). Students are going to be provided with more detailed information before face to face teaching resumes.
  8. All examinations and, if possible, all oral examinations are going to be postponed to 18.05.2020 the earliest and will be announced at least four weeks in advance. For examinations that cannot be postponed due to the issue of an extended study period it is possible that these be held via video chat devices (e.g. Skype). Exams via telephone, however, are not permitted. In the event of illness, a medical certificate will not be required until the start of the new examination period. Nevertheless, in case of illness and cancellation of an exam please inform the Office of Study Affairs via a short email.

New information on module enrollment - March 23, 2020

Dear students,

please note that we ask you to please keep an eye on the latest timetables in the Bachelor's and Master's programs once module registration has ended. Due to the current requirements for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, some of the choice-obligatory modules with a low number of participants might not be offered during the summer semester 2020. Please stay informed, as the changes might take place at short notice. If a module you have chosen should not be offered, you will have the possibility to sign up for an alternative module at the Office of Study Affairs. We apologize for these exceptional circumstances.

Information on the Course of Studies - Status March 19, 2020

  1. Please note that the Office of Study Affairs is closed for all personal appointments on site until further notice! All important matters must be clarified via e-mail or telephone. During the regular contact hours we are available for you on the phone.
  2. Examinations, which can be postponed in cases where a completion of a degree course is not endangered, will take place from 15 May at the earliest. The examination dates are published online. Oral examinations will be held via video transmission, e.g. Skype, Zoom, Facetime. Medical certificates and sick notes do not have to be submitted at this time.
  3. The electronic module registration period remains as scheduled, i.e. you can register online in TOOL 25th March 12 noon till 01st April 5 pm.
  4. Qualification theses (Bachelor and Master theses, laboratory specialization courses) can now be started or further worked on in agreement with the respective Faculty teacher. The same deadlines apply as before. Bachelor's and Master's theses should only be submitted electronically (PDF document) to the Office of Study Affairs. Your document will then be forwarded to the reviewers. The submission deadlines have to be kept. Colloquia on Bachelor’s or Master’s theses should preferably be held via video transmission (see above). The first examiner will take minutes and note the candidate's confirmation that he/she is physically able to take part in the colloquium. Should an alternative to actual physical presence not be possible, then only the person to be examined in addition to the two examiners may be present.
  5. The start of the summer semester 2020 remains 1 April 2020, lectures shall begin on 6 April 2020 and will end on 17 July 2020.  Merely, face-to-face teaching has been postponed to 4 May 2020. Up to the start of the actual attendance time digital formats shall be used for lectures.
  6. In addition, Mrs Mann’s cash desk (Room 132) is closed. For this reason, payment for glass damage is not possible until further notice.

Corona measures affecting PhD projects

For a PhD defence you can opt for either of the following procedure:

  1. The defence may be carried out at a later point in time, i.e. when face-to-face teaching for students will resume (presumably4.5.2020).
  2. The defence may take place in the presence of a quorate doctoral committee. The doctoral candidates confirm with their signature that they agree to the exclusion of the public and that they are in good health to carry out the defence. Should individual members of the public wish to take part in the defence, please note that this may only take place at the decision of the PhD Commission and at an appropriate distance (at least 2 m) and with documentation of the persons present.
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