About 85 to 95% of all chemists with a diploma or master’s degree begin a doctorate.
A doctorate can be completed as an individual doctorate degree or within a structured doctoral program. The umbrella organization for structured doctoral qualification at Leipzig University is the Research Academy Leipzig.
At the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy the following interdisciplinary doctoral programs have been established:

Leipzig School of Natural Sciences – Building with Molecules and Nano-objects (BuildMoNa)

Applied and Theoretical Molecular Electrochemistry as the Key to New Technologies for Energy Conversion and Storage (ESF)

Tools and Technologies for Rational Drug Development (ESF)

Function through Self-assembly: Emerging Properties of Atom and Molecular Aggregates (ESF)

Dates/Formal Criteria

Dear doctoral candidates of the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy,

Please observe the formal criteria to be admitted as a doctoral candidate, to submit your dissertation or to extend your doctoral status.
Important documents and information can be found in the column to the right. The doctorate committee, which advises the faculty council to admit you as a doctoral candidate or accept your dissertation, meets the Thursday or Friday prior to faculty council meetings. Committee and council meeting can be found here.

In order to prepare documents in time for the doctorate committee, please submit all documents no later than Tuesday at 4 pm in advance of the next faculty council meeting to the dean’s office.

Please contact Mrs. Sigrid Kling with any questions.

Thank you very much and all the best…

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