The Institute of Chemical Technology at Universität Leipzig combines research and education on the fundamentals of heterogeneous catalysis and materials science.

enlarge the image: A collage of images illustrating chemical technology.
Institute for Chemical Technology, Photo: Universität Leipzig, Institute for Chemical Technology

Institute of Chemical Technology at Universität Leipzig

The applications at the Institute of Chemical Technology are immediately derived from the current challenges of an innovation-oriented and sustainable chemical industry. The recent research fields include conversion and storage of renewable energy, valorization of biomass-based raw materials, emission reduction, reaction dynamics and diffusion as well as adsorptive separations.

Another focus area is the rational design of nanoporous and monolithic materials including hierarchically structured pore systems. The pore widths of these materials extend over a large range from nano- to micrometers, enabling systematic studies of phenomena on different length scales in applied materials and catalysis science. On the basis of a thorough characterization with multiple physico-chemical techniques, an understanding of the materials’ mode of operation in view of their chemical, textural, structural, and electronic properties is achieved.

The teaching at the Institute provides the students with the fundamentals of chemical technology and advanced modules on heterogeneous catalysis, reaction engineering, materials design and characterization as well as excursions to the chemical industry. From the corresponding knowledge, the context and perspectives of industrial applications and processes become apparent. Thus, the basics of the studies in natural sciences are related to the skills required for a professional practice in the chemical industry.

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