How do you get your desired mass spectrum?
In the automated service, please follow the requests detailed below. For the organization of more extensive experiments and cooperation requests, please follow the arrangements agreed beforehand with Dr. Birkemeyer.

enlarge the image: View of an EI mass spectrometer
View of an EI mass spectrometer

1. Sample preparation

Fill ~ 1 mg of the solid substance  into a labelled 1.5 mL autosampler vial suitable for ESI measurements (see MS Service Manual). Hand in samples suitable and intended for EI as powder in small sample vials. For air-sensitive samples, please use a closed-by-melting glass capillary (EI) or a Schlenk (ESI). The sample vessel must meet the required safety standards with regard to the hazard exposed to our employees when handling the sample. If in doubt, please contact us before submitting the sample. On request, laboratory space is available to a certain extent for filling in suitable vessels and the application of purification steps for special MS analyses.

2. Service form

Download the service form from our homepage and fill in carefully or enter your order online via our web mask. The following sample-specific characteristics are particularly important:

  •    relevant safety precautions
  •    expected structure and sum formula
  •    molecular weight (mono-isotopic!)
  •    for EI: boiling point, if known
  •    synthesis (for interpretation of interference peaks)
  •    don't forget your contact information (phone number, email address!) and date!

3. Ionization technique

Please tick the required ionization technique, or leave the field blank to let us select the appropriate method.

4. Sensitive samples

Please care for appropriate packing of air-, light- or temperature-sensitive samples (see point 1 or in aluminium foil), make a corresponding note on the sample form and make an appointment before you hand it in.

5. Ask for clarification

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

6. Sample delivery

Place the sample(s) labelled with the short name of the sample together with the service form (the latter not applicable for web form) in the blue rack on the „Sample delivery“ shelf in front of the laboratory 173A (Technikum/Analytikum, Linnéstr. 3) or send it by post to:

Servicegruppe Massenspektrometrie
Institut für Analytische Chemie
Fakultät für Chemie und Mineralogie
Johannisallee 29
04103 Leipzig
enlarge the image: View of skimmer with focusing ring of a mass spectrometer
View of skimmer with focusing ring of a mass spectrometer

7. Sample processing

Samples will be processed according to the ionisation method and their delivery date and are usually measured within 1 to 3 working days at the latest.

8. Sample return

Please collect the measured sample from the rack in front of room 173A as soon as possible. Remaining samples will be disposed after latest one month. On request, an agreement on material transfer can be arranged.

9. Not the expected signal or isotope pattern

If a spectrum does not show the expected signal or isotope pattern, we redirect your sample to an alternative ionization technique which usually extends the processing time to 3-7 working days. You may consider contacting us in case the results are not delivered to you after that time.

10. Raw date of the measurement

Raw data added by an automatically generated pdf report can be downloaded as a zip file from our server. Access to the data server arranged with a VPN and a FTP program at; please obtain the required access details from your working group or on request from us.

11. Data evaluation

Please don't hesitate to contact us in case of problems or questions regarding your evaluation.

We look forward to your feedback and recommendations for improving our services.

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