Our lab is a core facility for mass spectrometric service analyses and we would like to be a reliable partner for all scientific staff, PhD students and students of the University of Leipzig and other public institutions in support of their research projects.

enlarge the image: View of a Q0 quadrupole of a mass spectrometer
View of a Q0 quadrupole of a mass spectrometer

Since November 2002, all university-associated users of the Core Facility are members of the user community "Nutzergemeinschaft MS" with about 20 working groups; see the most recent statutes are from 2016. If you are interested to become a member, please contact Dr. Birkemeyer. Within this context, please note our binding terms of use and the current price list. Since 2014, we are a DFG-registered mass spectrometry Core Facility of the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, "MS-UL".

Automated service operation is requested correctly and completely filling out our MS service form. The order forms can be printed out after downloading from our homepage. Please note that a separate form is required for each sample!

enlarge the image: Spotted plate for a MALDI mass spectrometer
Spotted plate for a MALDI mass spectrometer

The more we know about your sample, the better! Please fill in our MS service form as carefully and completely as possible, because only then the right ionization method can provide the best possible and reliable spectra. If you are insecure about the type of ionization, leave this field blank.

Please provide consumables for special measurements (dry solvents, special chemicals etc.) and care for extensive sample preparation yourself, we are happy to assist in method development.

Cooperation requests for more sophisticated experiments are welcome; for this, please make an appointment with Dr. Birkemeyer to discuss whether and how the project can be supported by us.

All measurement results will be treated confidentially according to our terms of use; please contact us beforehand if you require additional security requests for data exchange.

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