Our student council is the representation of the student body at our faculty. Its members are democratically elected students of our faculty. It sends representatives to the Faculty Council as well as to other committees and commissions.
On this page, the Student Council of the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy introduces itself.

enlarge the image: Gruppenfoto Fachschaftsrat Chemie und Mineralogie, Foto: Sarah Schmidt
Group photo Chemistry and Mineralogy Student Council, photo: Sarah Schmidt

The people in green - yes, that's us. The Chemistry and Mineralogy Student Council. And no, we are not aliens. We just take care of everything that the students at our faculty need. Gowns and goggles? We have them. Problems with your studies? We help. It doesn't matter whether you are studying chemistry for a Bachelor's/Master's degree or a teaching degree. We, a total of twelve elected members and a few co-opted members, are always there for you.

Our tasks:

  • Advice on questions and problems concerning the study of chemistry
  • Student representation in various committees (Faculty Council, Study Commission, Examination Commission, University Student Council)
  • Organisation of events (e.g. ScienceSlam, freshers' week, semester kick-off party)
  • Selling safety glasses, gowns and glass breakage insurance
  • Organisation of student elections

Would you like to come and visit us? No problem! You can find us in the basement of the Wilhelm-Ostwald-Institute at Linnéstraße 2. We usually meet once a week to discuss current topics; afterwards we like to sit together in a cosy atmosphere. We are happy to welcome every new face. You can find more information about our meetings on our website.

You can also send us an email at fsrchemie@uni-leipzig.de or check out our social media channels (Instagram: @fsrchemielpz, Facebook: @FSRChemieLE).

 Fachschaftsrat Chemie und Mineralogie

Fachschaftsrat Chemie und Mineralogie

Linnéstraße 2
04103 Leipzig

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