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The Research Training Group (RTG) 2721 "Hydrogen Isotopes", funded by the German Research Foundation DFG, is looking for 14 excellent doctoral researchers (PhD students) to be part of the newly funded structured doctorate programme starting 1 October 2021. A total of thirteen research groups are participating in the RTG, nine of them from the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, one from the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences, and three at non-university research institutions.

The Research Training Group 2721 "Hydrogen isotopes: 1,2,3H" has announced 14 doctoral researcher (PhD) positions, 11 at Leipzig University and 3 at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, in the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical and technical chemistry as well as physics. The starting date is 1 October 2021. The central objective of the RTG is to train tomorrow's workforce in emerging technologies that exploit the unique properties of the hydrogen isotopes protium (1H), deuterium (2H), and tritium (3H) to contribute to a long-term CO2 emission-free energy supply for the planet. A detailed description of the research and qualification programme, in particular the 14 available doctoral research projects, can be found on the 1,2,3H website.

Of the 14 research projects, two will be carried out in the Asmis Group:

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