SoSe 2016

15.06.2016, 15.00 Uhr
Dr. Toby Bell
Monash University, Melbourne
"Super-resolution localisation microscopy: Resolving fluorescence fromsingle molecules in time and space"

15.06.2016, 17.00 Uhr
Dr. Andreas Berkefeld
Universität Tübingen
"Zweikernkomplexes des Nickels einer Thiolat-Aren-Thiolat-Bindungstasche: Eigenschaften und Reaktivität"

22.06.2016, 17.00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Alexey Kuznetsov
Lomonosov Moscow State University
"Group 10 metal-based compounds with the structures derived from Cu3Au-type intermetallics: structures, bonding, and anisotropic properties"

23.06.2016, 17.00 Uhr
Prof. Dr. Frank-Michael Matysik
Universität Regensburg, Insitut für Analytische Chemie
"Fresenius Lecture: Elektrochemie - flexible Partnerin im Ensemble instrumenteller Analyseverfahren"

27.06.2016, 16.15 Uhr
Prof. Lai-Sheng Wang
Brown University Rhode Island USA, Department of Chemistry
"Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Size-Selected Boron Clusters:
From Planar Structures to Borophenes and Borospherenes"

30.06.2016, 17.00 Uhr
Prof. Dr.Kevin Pagel
Freie Universität Berlin, Institut für Chemie und Biochemie
"Glycomics in a Wind Tunnel - Ion Mobility - Mass Spectrometry of Isomeric Glycans and Glycopeptides"

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